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December 1, 2003:

January 20, 2003:

Some actual updates! Added 20 new sound clips form the X-Men the Animated Series to the Extras Section. Click HERE to check them out. Thanks to M of our Sister Site, The Joker & the Queen for the clips! Also added two new Rogue Smilies, created by the wonderful Nadav, to our Message Board:

Also we will be having a Yahoo Chat this Saturday (1/25/03) at 11:00am (PST). If you would like Info on how to join our Yahoo Chat Club, click HERE!

More updates are slowly but surely coming!

Until Next Time...

January 2, 2003:


  • Well here is a minor update just to let you know that I will be doing some updates to the site this weekend. They include uploading more fanfiction, adding R&R X-Men Next Dimension strategies and images, adding more R&R smilies created by the talented Nadav as well as announcing the November & December Site of the Month Award Winners.
  • Also, I will be revamping the site starting this week and hopefully have it done by February. Fear not the site will still be up during the time. The revamp is more a functional rather than a cosmetic one although there will be a new look. The new look will be true to this concept though and should not be a huge shock.
  • Lastly, we will be having a club chat this Saturday, January 4, 2003 at 11am (PST) in our Yahoo Chat Club! For More info on how to join the Yahoo Chat Club go HERE. Hope to see you there.

More to Come!





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